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Excess Baggage and the Airlines

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There is no doubt that excess baggage or charges for overweight baggage can put quite a dent in our bank balance not to mention being complicated. At Spratt Personal Shipping we aim to cut through the confusion and get straight to an affordable and efficient solution for you.excess baggage

Below are nine typical situations in which excess baggage charges will apply as per Aer Lingus procedure for excess baggage. Spratt Personal Shipping will be able to help with these issues:

  1. Excess weight is charged at the airport per kilo per flight in excess of the allowance.

  2. No one piece of baggage will be allowed that exceeds 32 kg in weight.

  3. Arriving with extra bags to pay for at the airport rate at bag drop without prior notification will usually incur a higher fee.

  4. Excess baggage that has to travel onwards on connecting flight might be charged with a separate fee.

  5. Transporting a musical instrument will require a separate seat to be booked for the instrument if it is large, and additionally weight limits will be imposed.

  6. Some airline routes may not qualify for online booking and will therefore not eligible for online booking discount. There will be an excess baggage charge for a bag that weighs over 32 kg

  7. Once you relinquish your excess baggage you have no way of checking that it is on the flight until you arrive.

  8. Information is often confusing and until you reach the airport to check in, you may not be entirely sure of what charges will be.

  9. You will have to make arrangement to get the excess baggage to the airport yourself

Spratt Personal Shipping

Arranging to have excess baggage flown can be daunting, time consuming and expensive. It is quite a kerfuffle to organise excess baggage or overweight baggage through an airline. With Spratt, You drop it into us, tell us where you want to send it and we do the rest. 

Spratt Personal Shipping is simply the best personal effects shipping company in Ireland for that reason. We can offer you a fantastic and affordable Irish Excess Baggage Shipping service from Dublin and worldwide with our no hassle traceable door-to-door service. Let our efficient and professional services remove the stress of your excess baggage shipping.

So what are you waiting for, get in and fill out a quick request form and we could be shipping your excess baggage for you sooner than you think. 


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